DOWNLOAD York feat. Scot & Millfield - The Awakening (2020 Edit)

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Artist : Armada Music TV
Title : York feat. Scot & Millfield - The Awakening (2020 Edit)
Duration : 00:03:33
Views : 38.73 k
File Types : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)
Tag : York, The Awakening, York feat. Scot & Millfield - The Awakening (2020 Edit), Scot & Millfield, and 2020 Edit
Source : Youtube


Lyrics York feat. Scot & Millfield - The Awakening (2020 Edit)

You made me suffer like never before,
Suffering and angels,
I know now why,
It's because of what I did to you,
It's okay now, if you believe,
I paid my prize and I did it for you,
Those dark days of a millenium, was ment to make me strong,
I guess I made you strong too,
Thats why we suffer, and we suffer and all,
I feel one with you now, so don't run away,
It's you, you know
It's you that saved me, and I want to save you, too

Artist: Album, Title: YorkThe Awakening1997Dance/ElectronicThe Awakening, Source: LyricFind

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