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Artist : theseeker23
Title : My Mind's Eye - Small Faces
Duration : 00:02:05
Views : 221.07 k
File Types : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)
Tags : eye, small, marriott, lane, my, faces, mclagan, jones, and mind's
Source : Youtube


Lyrics My Mind's Eye - Small Faces

I sit here every day looking at the sky
Ever wondering why I dream my dreams away
And I'm living for today in my mind's eye

Things are clearer than before
Showing me the way, asking me to stay
I'll never close the door
To all these things and more
In my mind's eye

Everybody I know says I've changed, yeah
Laughing behind their hands
I think they're strange

People running everywhere
Running through my life
I couldn't give a care,
Because they'll never see
All that I can see with my mind's eye

Artist: Small Faces, Title: My Mind’s EyeSmall FacesFrom the Beginning1967Rock and Folk, Source: LyricFind

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