MP3 Download Novo Amor - Keep Me

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Artist : Novo Amor
Title : Novo Amor - Keep Me
Duration : 00:03:15
Views : 545.53 k
Type of Files : Video / Audio (.mp4 .mp3)
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Source : Youtube


Lyrics Novo Amor - Keep Me

So it's probably nothing
But it's been on my mind sometime
And I can't let it go

I know there's gotta be something
That I could say in time
But I can't find the words

Keep me, keep me on fire
Keep me, keep me on fire

A dose, a moment to live in
And I'm hoping it stays a while
In the space you were in

And I froze, and I reckon I missed it
When all of the rain came down
In the shape of everything

So keep me, keep me on fire
Keep me, keep me on fire
Keep me honest, keep me kind
Keep me as your finish line

Keep me, keep me on fire

Artist: Novo Amor, Title: Keep Me, Source: Musixmatch

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