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Artist : KissVEVO
Title : Kiss - Domino
Duration : 00:03:52
Views : 5.68 M
File Types : MP3/MP4
Tags : kiss domino, Kiss, Rock, vevo, Def, Island, and Jam
Source : Youtube


Lyrics Kiss - Domino

Lemme tell ya my story
I got a man-sized predicament
And it's a big one
Goes like this, yeah

My my, ow, yeah!

Never had confession
Never had a home
Never had no worry
Until I met Domino

Ain't the virgin Mary
Love her, I confess
Got my hesitations
'Cause she kisses like the kiss of death

Loves lots of money
Back's against the wall
Calls me Sugar Daddy
She knows she's got me by the balls

They call her Domino
So fine

Got a reputation
Haven't got a hope
It's a sticky situation
If she ain't old enough to vote

Loves to play with fire
Loves to hurt so good
Loves to keep me burnin'
'Cause she's a bad habit, bad habit
Bad habit that's good, good, good

They call her Domino
Domino, Domino

Every damn time I walk through that door
It's the same damn thing
That bitch bends over
And I forget my name, ow

Loves lots of money
Back's against the wall
Calls me Sugar Daddy
She knows she's got me by the balls - ow!

Loves to play with fire
Love her I confess
Got no hesitations
'Cause she's a bad habit, yeah
Bad habit
She's a bad habit


Artist: Kiss, Title: Domino, Source: Musixmatch

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