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It happened in the suburbs north of the river
Where the smokestacks scrape the air
And gangs of short haired boys roam the streets
Get out of there way, 'cause there out to get there share

Now Butcher, he was the leader
Had a reputation for being tough but fair
He knew life was just a gamble
So he lived from day to day without a care

Stick around and I'll tell ya
About Butcher and Fast Eddy

Across the river lived Fast Eddy
He was known to be treacherous, very mean
Even Eddy's sweet young sister out on the streets
Just a girl, barely fifteen

Now Fast Eddy, he led the rival gang
And he claimed he was better...than most
One day I'm gonna fix that Butcher
Always seemed to be this cocky braggart's boast

There's only the quick and the dead
I want to know who's layin' down

Now, I'm gonna win this fight said Eddy
Yeah 'cause I'm gonna take a knife, and I'm gonna take a gun
But Butcher, he told his mates as they gathered 'round
I got two good fists, and you know I never
Never ever ever been afraid of anyone

And it came the night, at last for their meeting
I can't lose said Eddy, 'cause I'm the best
But the cold light of morning found Eddy
His own switchblade knife buried deep in his chest!

Yeah that's it all Oh wow Butcher, and Fast Eddy
Yeah that's it all

And the law never did touch Butcher
And I'm so glad, 'cause I know so well
He was a born with a wild free spirit, and he never
He never was the kind to live locked up in some dirty stinkin' cell

And the kids, they still talk about it
In the back streets and alleyways around town
They still talk about that cold, windy Saturday night
That old Butcher ya know, he put Fast Eddy down
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