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Artist : West Coast 99
Title : Gino Vannelli - People Gotta Move (1974)
Duration : 00:03:19
Views : 330.55 k
File Types : Video/Audio (.mp4 .mp3)
Tag : Westcoast West Coast AOR Music 99 1973 1975
Source : Youtube


Lyrics Gino Vannelli - People Gotta Move (1974)

People come on and do it right
Shake your behinds like dynamite
Chuck alll your worries and toss your thighs
To be tame is a pain when you realize

You gotta move...
People gotta move...

Shake all your brains and pump your heart
Show all the world what you are
You come on for right, you come on for wrong, you come on for zeal
'Cause the tones of your bones makes you feel

You gotta groove...
People gotta move...

Artist: Gino Vannelli, Title: People Gotta MoveGino VannelliPowerful People1974Pop and Rock, Source: Musixmatch

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