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Artist : The Beach Boys - Topic
Title : Sail On, Sailor (Remastered)
Duration : 00:03:17
Views : 206.31 k
File Types : Video / Audio (.mp4 .mp3)
Tags : Sailor セイル・オン・セイラー and The Beach Boys ビーチボーイズ ビーチ・ボーイズ The Warmth Of The Sun Sail On
Source : Youtube


Lyrics Sail On, Sailor (Remastered)

I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean
Through restful waters and deep commotion
Often frightened, unenlightened
Sail on, sail on sailor

I wrest the waters, fight Neptune's waters
Sail through the sorrows of life's marauders
Unrepenting, often empty
Sail on, sail on sailor

Caught like a sewer rat alone but I sail
Bought like a crust of bread, but oh do I wail

Seldom stumble, never crumble
Try to tumble, life's a rumble
Feel the stinging I've been given
Never ending, unrelenting
Heartbreak searing, always fearing
Never caring, persevering
Sail on, sail on, sailor

I work the seaways, the gale-swept seaways
Past shipwrecked daughters of wicked waters
Uninspired, drenched and tired
Wail on, wail on, sailor

Always needing, even bleeding
Never feeding all my feelings
Damn the thunder, must I blunder
There's no wonder all I'm under
Stop the crying and the lying
And the sighing and my dying

Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor
Sail on, sail on sailor

Artist: The Beach Boys, Title: Sail On, Sailor, Source: LyricFind

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